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Air Flex Plus Carpal Tunnel Splint

Air Flex Plus Carpal Tunnel Splint


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Air Flex Plus Carpal Tunnel Splint 

Often, people become victims of carpal tunnel syndrome. In this syndrome, certain parts of the hand become numb, start to tingle, or become excruciatingly painful. Because of this syndrome, moving the thumb, the index finger, and the second finger becomes a difficult and a painful task. The syndrome takes place because of an excess amount of pressure on a nerve known as the median nerve. This nerve extends within the wrist through the carpal tunnel.

Numerous people that have been diagnosed with the carpal tunnel syndrome experience moderate or mild symptoms which often come and then disappear. For such people, the best way to provide relief is to wear a splint and avoid excess stress on the wrist. This is where the PCT Air flex plus carpal tunnel splint comes in handy extensively.

The Air flex plus carpal tunnel splint holds the joint is such a position which is neutral and as a result, you get relief from the pain. The splint provides the user with the right amount of rigidity which would allow him or her to reduce the excessive extension and flexion of the wrist. The splint has been designed in such a manner that it does not interfere with the optimal function of the affected hand. As a result, the fingers are left free for movement and for gripping things. Additionally, the air flex plus carpal tunnel splint also avoids putting pressure on the ulnar nerves, the median nerves, as well as the radial nerves of the wrist.

The splint has a number of neoprene closures which have been cushioned. You can easily trim any of the closure for creating a personalized fit without worrying about destroying the purpose of the splint. The splint also features a non-metallic stay which has been enclosed on the top and also possesses a self-contained aspirator.

Sized according to wrist circumference.

S (5½"-7")
M (6½"-8")
L (7½"-9")
XL (8½"-11")

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