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Elastic Pull-on Knee Brace

Elastic Pull-on Knee Brace


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Pull-on Knee Brace. Knitted from one-way stretch elastic. Standard elastic knee blank with open patella.

Please note: this item is being discontinued, as stock runs out your size may become unavailable.

Knee pains are a common thing to deal with. Whether you are a sportsman whose routine includes vigorous running and loads of knee movement or an ordinary individual, knee issues are certain to happen once you cross your 30s. Issues like knee pain, knee sprain, knee arthritis, knee osteoarthritis, kneecap pain, patella tendonitis and patella chondromalacia occur due to two main reasons; due to the deficiency of vitamins and calcium in the body and when you hurt your knee while running, jumping, suddenly shifting weight from one knee to the other and so on. You might even drop something on your knee. Apart from getting proper intake of minerals, you must take care of your knee externally too. Freeman Manufacturers have come up with an amazing Knee Brace to serve this purpose.

The Elastic Pull-on Knee Brace is best suited to minimize the knee pains caused due to any reason. It fits perfectly on the knee, focusing tension on the affected area to lessen the inflammation. The said product is best to comfort a sore knee. It does so by providing a firm grip and support to the knee and focuses compression so that the joints stay in their place. Knee problems can last for long durations if they are not treated well and on time. Instead of taking pain killers that possess deadly side effects for the body, or undergoing an expensive surgery, the knee brace by Freeman will help cure the knee problems to a large extent.

This knee brace is made up of stretchable and breathable material with one-way stretch elastic to have a custom fit on the knee so that slipping and falling could be avoided, even during activities that require rigorous performance. Moreover, the active surgical elastic will provide maximum comfort and support to the knee for quick healing. 

Sized according to knee circumference.

Length: 12"
2XS (9"-10½")
XS (10½"-12")
S (12"-13½")
M (13½"-15")
L (15"-16½")
XL (16½"-18")
2XL (18"-19½")
3XL (19½"-21")

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